Medical Infrared Digital Thermometer


  • Non -Contact Forehead Thermometer

  • Safe Hygienic

  • Fast and Easy Temperatures screen

  • Great Accurate Reading

  • Measurement Range-35°C~43°C

  • Accuracy - +/-0.2°C (0.1°F)

  • Measurement Distance - 3CM -5CM

  • Size -28.5mm*34.3mm*2.8mm

  • Power supply - DV 3V battery

  • Weight -90g (Without battery)

  • Product Model - E1501


INFRARED forehead thermometer gun, Infrared thermometer non contact, thermometer infrared digital .MULTIPLE MEASURING: Body temperature, water equipment, room temperature, milk temperature etc .100% USER SATISFACTION and easy to operate. Very user friendly. CONTAINS: 1 Set of IR Thermometer .