Champion Power Bank 3C (WHITE)


  • 7800 mAh Battery

  • Lithium ion Battery

  • Input DC 5V 1.1A

  • Output DC 5V 2.2A


Sleek and stylish, the champion power reserve comes with 7800 mAh capacity and is ideal for charging all your USB devices, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones and portable music devices like mp3/mp4 players. Light in weight, this power bank is easy to carry while keeping you connected. The champion power reserve uses high quality li-ion 18650 battery (made by champion) and protects against over-discharge, over-charge and short circuit, ensuring 100% safety of your connected device. Ergonomically designed with dual USB charging capability and battery level light indicator, this power bank is the convenient and stylish solution to keep your devices charged all the time